Meet Yuliya. The real person behind this business with own ideas, goals and dreams


My name is Yuliya. I originally came from Ukraine and currently live in New Zealand. I am the founder and CEO of Toysalenz and I am exploring the business online opportunities. My mission is to bring you simple opportunities to save you time and money.

I am a mother of three children with the youngest being 3 years of age. I am in the lucky position that I can be at home with my girl.

 But don't get me wrong it was times when I would work not just 9 t 5 but more like 9 to 9 and weekends.

I remember my children were younger and set up a familymeeting saying " mum we don't see you at all, we in bed by the time you come home and hardly spend the weekends with us". I worked very hard to becomea qualified chartered accountant to hold good-paying courier.

What I did realize

So now, I am lucky. But what I did realize is that there are so many mums, dads, who work crazy hours and online business for them might be "Pie in the sky". 

They would love to have additional income to rely on but in reality, we are humans and other things take priority.

Everyone I spoke with says, yes it is a great idea to make money online but who is going to pay bills in meantime?

With the latest developments in the world and constant lockdowns in New Zealand, I have started to look for something to take my mind to something less depressing. I started a search for the information and pay for courses. There is a lot of information out there and I simply got overloaded. I have spent crazy hours learning. There are a lot of Gurus out there who know it all.

 I will be honest with you I am not a guru and not planning to become one, but I

am continuing to learn and in time I will be providing more and more valuable information.I have made a decision not to give up. I would like to do is bring simple and not too time-consuming solutions to you, my friends.I would like to have a group of like-minded people and share our success. Motivate each other, bring different prospects on money online idea

The Appealing Idea of Financial Freedom

How would you like to be financially free and I mean not to work crazy hours and be able to have time for holidays, maybe fly first class, maybe change a car, whatever you desire? How many of us would liketo be able to help people in need?

 Moneydoes not buy you happiness but money gives you choices.

I am a realist and I have spoken to a number of my friends who don't even know what is "funnels" or " autoresponders" are. It is a foreign language to them. Not long ago it was for me as well. Everyone I spoke with said, Yes, making money online is a great idea but Time and Information overload is blocking them. Sure people who read Think and Grow Reach by Napoleon Hill will say "Don't ever say it is blocking". Yes, I agree but in our everyday life, not many of us read these books and listen to expensive mentors.

So simply put, we don't know what we don't know. But we don’t have to give up on the realization of our dreams to become financially better off or in bigger dreams achieve financial freedom.

So, let's start from somewhere, start simple to move towards our goals, whatever hey are.

What drives me and what is my Why?

I firmly believe that no one should be not able to move towards financial freedom by starting with baby steps. Limitation of time and simply just being human should not prevent anyone from exploring and succeeding in financial goals. The goals eventually will produce results. Success should have the right foundation but more importantly, be able to build this foundation. Therefore my mission is to introduce stepping stones to the Bigger Picture of financial success

Let us start to explore the idea of online entrepreneurship without spending too much time and money. If you have tried different options and programs and simply thinking too hard too confusing, overloading….

Butyou desire to have financial freedom Don't Give Up.

Think of what you can have instead ofexcuses why you cannot have it.

 Sunwill rise and set and the day will go by no matter if you take action or not.

Don'tprocrastinate, start with the small steps, Financial Freedom may be close than you think. I invite you to take action by joining simple programs and I also invite join ourgroup and become a member of the great beginnings and share your success.

We all start from somewhere.

Take Action, See where it may lead to

Make the Right decision

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